10 Best Employers for Workers over 50

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If one of your new year’s resolutions is to change careers or employers in 2015, you’ll want to check out the AARP’s list of Best Employers for Workers Over 50. These award-winning companies were  recognized as employers who work to recruit, retain, and engage an older workforce. It’s worth noting that the health care industry in particular provides plenty of opportunity for midlife career-change, and it’s an industry that’s growing twice as fast as the national economy.

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According to the AARP, here are the 10 best employers for workers over 50:

1. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Md.
Forty-seven percent of NIH  employees are 50-plus, and this age group is actively recruited. The workplace culture and health and financial benefits attract employees who are interested in scientific, administrative, and executive careers.

2. Scripps Health, San Diego
Thirty-six percent of employees at Scripps Health – made up of four hospitals, dozens of outpatient clinics, thousands of affiliated physicians, and home health and hospice care – are 50-plus. At 55 and older, employees are eligible for staged retirement programs. They can collect full-time benefits and dip into their retirement funds while working part-time.

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3. Atlantic Health System (AHS), Morristown, N.J.
Thirty-eight percent of AHS employees are 50-plus. They work for one of four hospitals, and have plenty of possibilities for growth and learning. Upon retirement employees can choose to return to work for up to 999 hours annually while continuing to receive retirement benefits.

4. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston
MD Anderson employs more than 17,000 people, 29 percent of whom are 50-plus. They work in the clinic, laboratory, office, or out in the community. Employees are offered numerous training and mentoring opportunities. They receive health care savings benefits, including medical premiums paid at 100 percent. Retirees receive free medical and prescription premiums, and can purchase additional insurance at group rates.

5. Mercy Health System, Janesville, Wis.
Mercy has almost 4000 employees across 68 facilities, serving 26 communities. Thirty-seven percent of employees are age 50-plus. Mercy’s ‘Work to Retire’ program allows employees in this age group to work reduced hours or work-at-home schedules, while maintaining full-year, part-time benefits. Those aged 55-plus are eligible for ‘Senior Connection’ membership, with benefits that include free health, social, and educational services.

6. The YMCA of Greater Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.

Twenty percent of the YMCA of Greater Rochester employees are age 50-plus. They work in the youth development, healthy living, or social responsibility disciplines. All employees are offered learning opportunities, including a formal mentoring program that provides experience in different areas of the organization. Retirees are offered work opportunities, from temporary to contract to full-time.

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7. West Virginia University (WVU), Morgantown, W.Va.
Teaching, administrative, food service, and IT careers are just some of the opportunities possible at WVU, where 44 percent of employees are 50-plus. Employees have access to health and wellness activities, and learning and development programs. Retirees are also eligible, and receive discounts to WVU athletic and cultural events, and university facilities like the libraries and the Recreation Center.

8. Bon Secours Richmond Health Systems, Richmond, Va.
Bon Secours employees work in hospitals, the college of nursing or school of medical imaging, in the family practice residency programs, or community outreach. Thirty-seven percent of employees are 50-plus. Employees enjoy a positive workplace culture that encourages continued learning and development. Retirees can take part in a program that allows them to get rehired without losing retirement funds. Those aged 65-69 can work up to 24 hours per week without losing pension benefits, and there are no limits to hours worked for those over 70 years of age.

9. National Rural Electric Cooperative (NRECA), Arlington, Va.
NRECA offers careers in education and training, energy and environmental policy, energy research and development, marketing communications, and more. Forty-one percent of employees are 50-plus. The many employment benefits include free financial planning advice from certified professionals, from retirement planning to investment options.

10. WellStar Health System, Marietta, Ga.
WellStar has more than 12,000 employees throughout five hospitals and physician offices. Thirty-three percent of employees are 50-plus. Training opportunities, a discount purchasing program, and a guidance program providing services from career counseling to estate planning are just three of the employee benefits. Retirees are eligible for flex-hours.

Would you relocate to work for an employer offering great benefits to 50-plus workers? Share your comments below.

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