10 Sites for Reinventing Your Career after 50

Posted by on Mon, Jun 15, 2015

career-boosting websites for the 50+ crowd

Whether you want to advance the job you’re in or leverage your experience into an encore career, there’s a website dedicated to your needs. Find expert advice from thought leaders, tips from successful career-changers, job-search resources, and courses to enhance your skills, your confidence, and your business savvy by following any of the these 10 career websites geared toward a 50+ audience:

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1. Career Journey
“Connect. Network. Learn. Succeed.”

They say:
*Kaplan brings you a course, powered by LinkedIn, where you’ll learn practical strategies for career advancement. In this course, you will have access to:

  • Career advice from successful leaders of top companies
  • Articles and videos about career advancement and mapping
  • LinkedIn strategies for career exploration
  • Applications — Mentor Match, Opportunity Finder, Lifelong Learning

We say:
Learn how to leverage the power of LinkedIn with Career Journey, a free course that leads you through exercises for mapping out the next steps in your career. We like the flexible structure that allows you to explore career modules in any order, and the interactive career planner for making notes, tracking progress, and setting reminders is especially helpful. The most unique aspect of Career Journey, however, are the apps you can use to look for jobs, find mentors, and identify learning opportunities by syncing up with your LinkedIn profile to provide you with a uniquely personalized experience.

2. Encore.org
“Second acts for the greater good.”

They say:
Encore.org is spearheading efforts to engage millions of people in later life as a vital source of talent to benefit society. 

We say:
Encore.org is best known as a movement that taps into the experience of millions of baby boomers and connects them with opportunities to make a positive impact on society through their affiliate network of non-profit organizations. We give a thumbs up to the inspirational stories they publish from real people who have found purposeful work and volunteer opportunities through Encore’s unique fellowship program. If you would like to explore an encore fellowship, or if you’re an organization willing to host a fellow, this website is worth exploring!

3. LearningAdvisor
“Advance your skills. Transform your career. Explore your learning possibilities.”

They say:
Broaden your skills, strengthen your credentials, and satisfy your curiosity with courses, certificates, and degree programs.

We say:
Okay, I fully admit this is us talking about ourselves here, but we’re proud of what we do. *LearningAdvisor is a free resource offering comprehensive resources to people who want to advance their careers, make a midlife career change, or just satisfy their curious nature. You can search thousands of free and paid online courses from dozens of top colleges and industry experts condensed into one simple website, as well as find information on degree and certificate programs for in-demand career paths. Through LearningAdvisor, you can learn for professional growth, or just for fun!

4. Life Reimagined
“A new you, within reach.”

They say:
The life you’ve dreamed of having is actually very possible. To make it real doesn’t require major tasks or grand gestures. It’s about making small and simple steps to help you figure out what you really want, and then starting to make that happen.

We say:
Life Reimagined gives you access to some interesting programs that help you reimagine your career based on finding your life’s purpose and passions. Although this website covers more than just your professional life, we think their work section is worth a visit. You can sign up for short, three to seven day “clinics” that have enticing titles like Afford Your Dreams and Take This Job and Love It, then receive daily emails with quick activities to help you achieve your goals.

5. Next Avenue
“Where grown-ups keep growing”

They say:
We’re a group of public television people and journalists who…are experiencing the very same things you are…and we recognize that what we could all use right about now is an abundance of reliable information that can help us figure out what’s, well, next…

We say:

The Work & Purpose section of this engaging magazine-style website is full of  articles on everything from finding jobs and launching businesses to career growth and adult education. Visit this website on a regular basis to stay on top of changes in the market, issues in the workplace, and tips on changing or advancing your career.

6. RetirementJobs
“Jobs for People over 50”

They say:
Here at RetirementJobs.com, our goal is to identify companies most-suited to older workers and match them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or project that matches their lifestyle.

We say:
It’s great that RetirementJobs offers a free employment search engine for workers over 50, but they also go the extra mile and certify employers as “age-friendly.” Their stamp of approval indicates they’ve verified that an employer maintains an age-friendly workplace and actively attempts to attract mature workers. Another bonus of the site is being able to review and read reviews about how welcoming or unwelcoming employers are towards their 50+ employees.

7. Second Act
“Experience Matters: The only cable network and online destination for Generation 50+.”

They say:
Adults 50+ all across America are seizing the opportunity to realize their personal passions, transform their lives or build new careers based on their life experiences. Some of them can use a guiding hand. 

We say:
Second Act is the website for a cable television show that helps people makeover their careers, much like popular televison shows that makeover people’s homes.  What we like about Second Act is that the makeovers are more personal, but equally inspiring. Use this website to access their cable television episodes, as well as find great tips, advice, and insights on finding your passion, remaking your life, and discovering your next career— all while being thoroughly entertained in the process!

8. Senior Entrepreneurship Works

They say:
Senior Entrepreneurship Works…designed to help seniors, aged 50+, launch their own businesses, has transformed into a Movementto ignite and empower anExperienced Economy!”

We say:
Senior Entrepreneurship Works is bringing recognition to the contributions our economy receives from small businesses started by seniors as well as helping more seniors follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Sign up for business workshops, advocate for new public policy, read the latest relevant news and insights—if you’re a senior who wants to start a business, this is the place to go for inspiration, training, and the chance to effect change.

9. Solo-e
“Business. Marketing. Technology. Lifestyle. Freedom!”

They say:
Solo Entrepreneurs find that the rewards are worth it! Being a self-employed business owner is not so much a job, as a lifestyle. Soloists get to work when they want, doing the work they love, with people they enjoy working with. 

We say:
What’s unique about this website is that is offers a place for solo entrepreneurs to connect with other solo entrepreneurs. You can browse for advice, classes, business templates, and networking opportunities or, by joining the Solo E-Certified Entrepreneur Expert Network, you can offer your services to other solo entrepreneurs.

10. Workforce50
“No Pastures Here.”

As Bob Dylan wrote in the early 60s, “the times they are a-changin'”. The workforce is aging. Many of the 78.3 million baby boomers will choose not to retire as previous generations have done…Workforce50.com arms the older workforce with employment resources and career information to achieve their goals. Help them make the most of their talents. Hire them.

We say:
This website is packed with employment and career-changing resources, but we like their job search options best. Visitors to this site can search job listings by sector, by state, by favorite employers, or just by using their general job search engine.

Do you have a favorite career website for baby-boomers that you’d like to share? Please let us know in the comments below.

*Kaplan and LearningAdvisor are subsidiaries of Graham Holdings Company.

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