15 Free Online Study Tools for 21st Century Learning!

Going back to school? There are new ways to learn.
Posted by on Mon, Jul 27, 2015

Free online study tools

As we continue to embrace technology, the traditional forms of learning are becoming more and more obsolete. Today, unlike a decade ago, memorizing textbooks is considered to be an outdated form of studying thanks to improved technology which has transformed our education system. Students no longer spend days on end attempting to cram the contents of their textbooks when there are so many resources available online to help them study.

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Thanks to the internet, you can now easily find free and useful online resources to upgrade your studying process.

Here is a look at 15 of the best free online resources students can incorporate into their study schedules. Some of these tools I’ve tested on my own students, and some I even use every day to create my own lesson plans.

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Free Online Study Tools:

1. How to Study

How to Study is a home to hundreds of free study resources for both students and teachers. There are over 100 articles with useful study tips as well as self-assessment tests which can come in handy when preparing for your exams.

2. Studygs

At Studygs, you can find a number a study guides and strategies to incorporate into your study process. Through the website, you’ll get to access valuable information you can use when it comes to researching, learning, and writing as well as tools to help with your project management tasks.

3. Quizlet

Visiting Quizlet will give you access to tons of study tools to help you upgrade your learning process. Quizlet offers tests, flashcards, and study games among other essential tools which can be used to enhance the learning experience. The fact that all these resources are available for free makes Quizlet a gold mine.

4. Udemy

Anyone who has ever visited Udemy can attest to the fact that the website is filled with a wide range of resources which are very useful to students. Without a doubt, Udemy falls in the list of the websites with the best online courses for students. You can use the opportunity presented by Udemy to learn about real world skills online for your own good. Some of the most common courses being offered here include: Web development, Yoga, Python courses, Java tutorials and Guitar lessons among others.

5. Study Blue

With over 350 million user-generated digital notecards, you can expect to learn almost anything through this platform. Study Blue offers students a good number of study tools including: study guides, quizzes, review sheets and flashcards to name but a few which can be used to upgrade your studying process. Make the most of the site and use it to explore one of the fastest growing libraries online.

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6. Study Stack

If you’re someone who loves to study using flashcards, Study Stack will help you to add a bit of fun to your studying routine. Once you create an account, or log in using Facebook, you’ll have access to stacks of virtual flashcards covering a number of subjects ranging from medical to math and more.

7. Gutenberg

This free online resource boasts of having more than 46,000 eBooks which you can download for free. Look up anything and you can rest be assured that you’ll find it here; whether it is a classical work or any other literature for that matter, you’ll find it in Gutenberg’s database.

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8. Bookrags

This educational websites contains over 6,000 study guides and more than 22,000 essays which are all useful study materials. Besides the aforementioned, you can also expect to find valuable study tools such as: lesson plans, eBooks, Book Notes, Answers to Homework Questions. With these kinds of resources you should not have any problems upgrading your study process.

9. Quill

This website helps you to write without any errors. Quill offers you a number of writing and grammar exercises to help you polish your writing skills. Remember that in order to write flawlessly, you need to keep on practicing and honing your skills.

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10. Grade Saver

Just as the name suggests, you can expect to improve your grades by visiting this website. Grade Saver is equipped with a good number of study guides to help you out. The best part about these study guides is that they have all been written by Harvard University students so you can expect the quality to be high.

11. Hippocampus

Visiting this site gives you access to thousands of free online videos which are very informative and educational at the same time. These videos cover a range of subjects including maths and biology and make learning fun.

12. Bookwolf

Bookwolf is an awesome destination for anyone looking to find free literature book notes to help you improve  both your study habits and your grades. With the help of Bookwolf, you won’t have any problems providing any in-depth analysis of the various works of literature.

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13. Pink Monkey

Pink Monkey is a useful website for both teachers and students which gives you access to resources including printable notes, study guides, and a digital library to name but a few.

14. Shmoop

Shmoop is a website that is dedicated to helping you prepare for your exams. The site gives you access to valuable resource materials which can help you ace your exams including: Learning Guides, Test Prep, Poetry Study Guides and Literature materials. Besides just providing you with useful online courses, you also get to enjoy electives and career readiness resources and programs.

15. Study Guide Zone

Study Guide Zone is rated as one of the best study guide websites. You’ll get free resource material to help you as you attempt to take your exams. You can also access other resources to help you take your tests.

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