4 Psychology Degrees for Midlife Career Changers

Studying the Mind to Help Others
Posted by on Wed, Sep 23, 2015

 Psychology degrees for midlife career changers.

The mind has fascinated you for as long as you can remember. You have felt astounded and engaged as you watch the people around you make decisions and go about their daily lives. Even the tiniest behaviors like checking one’s appearance in the glass interest you.

For that reason, you have decided to study psychology.

However, as you have researched this field, you’ve discovered that you have many different kinds of psychology degrees to choose from, and you don’t know which one would suit you best.

Have a look at the four degree options listed below. You may find that any one of them would put you on the path to an intriguing and enjoyable career.

1. General Psychology

Maybe you want to have a well-rounded online bachelor’s degree in psychology that gives you a little of everything. You will receive exactly that when you study general psychology. With this degree, you bring science and the liberal arts together as you study the mind. This kind of degree will prepare you for a career in almost any industry, including healthcare, education, counseling, business, and marketing.

2. Forensic Psychology

Perhaps you want a special emphasis that allows you to work alongside law enforcement and private detective agencies instead. When you have a degree in forensic psychology, you work with victims, offenders, witnesses, lawyers, and the criminal justice system to right the wrongs in the world. You can also assist social services with this kind of degree if you so choose.

[This determined firefighter is giving back to her community with a psychology degree.]

3. Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology brings you into the field as you diagnose and treat abnormal behaviors, psychiatric problems, and mental illnesses. You get to work one-on-one with your patients to help them overcome their psychological issues and live happier lives. You can also take this kind of degree anywhere, including schools and healthcare facilities.

4. Experimental Psychology

If the options above do not appeal to you, consider experimental psychology. This branch of the industry deals with research, studies, and theoretical questions. You will also explore ethical issues. So, if you like to think outside the box and make new discoveries, opt for experimental psychology before you pursue anything else.

Other Options

You also have other paths to choose from, like neuropsychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology. You must also decide if you want to study psychology at an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD level. Once you have explored your options and chosen a school, you can take your first steps on the journey to your dream career.

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