5 Boomer Blogs That Can Change Your Career

Posted by on Mon, Aug 3, 2015
boomer blogs to help you change your career

It’s the dawn of a new day!

Your years of career experience make you a valuable asset in the marketplace. However, as you approach midlife you might find yourself entering a period of reassessment. “How can I stay relevant in a changing workplace?” or, “What should I do next with my life?” might be questions you’re asking yourself.

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You also might wonder if you can even begin a new career at this stage of life, if employers will choose you over younger applicants, or if it’s time to go out on your own and start the business you’ve been dreaming of these past years. For all of these questions and more, career experts are busily blogging out advice, sharing insights, and offering resources to help you find answers.

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Here are 5 career-change websites for baby boomers whose boomer blogs can help people map out new paths in their professional lives. Visit them often for career-change tips and insights, and be sure to bookmark the ones you like best!

1. Careershifters 

Before we make any big changes, it helps to study the experiences of others first, right? This is the concept behind the Careershifters blog. You can read posts from and about people who have made successful career changes as well as find expert advice to guide your own path. You can also offer your advice to other would-be career changers who present their cases to readers in the career-shifters café.

2. Encore.org

Encore.org  is a website for people who want to take the next big step in life—people who feel done with one career and are ready to find another. The website’s founder and CEO, Marc Freedman, is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and a member of the Wall Street Journal’s “Experts” panel. He has gathered an impressive collection of no less than 17 expert advisors who blog about the latest career news for people in midlife, giving you their spin on what the issues of the day mean to you.

3. LearningAdvisor 

LearningAdvisor is a free resource for people who want to advance their skills, move up the career ladder, or make a midlife career change by harnessing the power of online education, and you’re reading the LearningAdvisor blog right now! We offer helpful tips for online learners as well as information about in-demand career paths, great networking advice, and online courses for both career advancement and personal development. Guest bloggers on LearningAdvisor share their expertise on subjects ranging from going back to school to financing your education and, of course, on learning just for the fun of it!

4. Next Avenue

The Work & Purpose section of this PBS-affiliated website is full of up-to-date news and insights on work life for the post-50 crowd. Whether you’re trying to find a job or discover your life’s purpose, you can find a blog post to inspire your next steps here. For example, if you’re thinking about a buying a franchise, read about the pros and cons in Should You Consider a Franchise in Unretirement? Or maybe you’d like to combine work with giving back; posts like 9 Steps to Begin a Compassionate Career can help you decide how.

5. Kerry Hannon

Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized author and career coach who specializes in career transitions and retirement. Hannon is a frequent guest on television and radio shows, and writes blogs and columns for many national newspapers and websites including the NY Times, Second Verse (Forbes), USA Today, and CBS Money Watch. By visiting her website and choosing the Kerry’s Articles link at the top, you’ll have access to all of her posts across the internet so you can read her valuable tips and insights on recareering.

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