5 Education Resolutions to Start Now

Posted by on Fri, May 2, 2014

5 Education Resolutions to Start Now


In an effort to share what motivates people to make changes in their lives, Google collected New Year’s resolutions from people around the world on a global interactive map. A person in China resolved to “find the intersection between my greatest joy and the world’s greatest needs.”

How far has he gotten, we wonder. Could he be starting a business or finding fulfilling work in just the right niche? Or like many resolutions, did the intent outshine the resolve to follow through?

We can start to make good on our promises to ourselves at any moment. This time of year, spring is cresting through the mud-soaked ground. Trees are budding and birds are chirping. What hopes have laid dormant within you this winter? It’s time to let them bloom.

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These 5 education resolutions reflect the common goals shared by people across the United States. Find out what you can learn to renew your progress and make similar dreams a reality.

 “To make a success of my start-up company”


Learn successful strategies for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is taking hold of professionals of all ages. If you’re thinking about starting your own small business, arm yourself with knowledge of best practices before you venture out on your own.

  • FastTrac NewVentures Entrepreneurship: This online entrepreneurship course designed by the Kauffman Foundation provides step-by-step guidance through all phases of business development and helps you hone the skills you’ll need to create and manage a successful business.
  • How to Build a Start-Up: In this free online course taught by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, you’ll walk through your business model and each facet of creating a successful start-up structure.

“I will finish my master’s and make a difference in my students’ lives” 


Learn the latest techniques in teaching.

Practicing and aspiring teachers are especially driven to keep improving their skills so that they can have a positive impact on the lives of their students. A range of opportunities are available to help you stay up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques and transformations in education.

“Make my website a real source of income for me”

website design

Learn web design and see your ideas
come to life.

Technology offers huge possibilities. People everywhere want to learn more about web design, programming languages, and technology in general.

  • Web Design Certificate: Discover how to create an engaging website to help you launch a business, blog, or career in web design. You’ll learn specific skills in website design, graphics, strategies, and multimedia. Develop knowledge applicable for today and in the future.
  • Bachelor’s in Applied Technology: For those who want to develop a deeper expertise, a degree in information technology will give you an integrated design and technology background to prepare you to work in many industries. You’ll learn the fundamentals of programming and web development as well as computer networks and management.

“Be willing to be a beginner” 

black real estate agent

Start a new career in real estate.

With the recent volatility in the economy, many professionals have sought new directions for their careers. These accessible certification courses offer a smooth transition into a new profession for people who need a quick job change or want to pursue a second career.

  • Real Estate Licensing Course: The housing market is on the rise again, and a flexible career in real estate is a fitting transition for many professionals. In a few months, this low-cost licensing course will prepare you to pass your state’s real estate exam and start a new chapter in your professional life.
  • Insurance Licensing Course: Few people thinking about a new career think insurance, but the profession has more to offer than it may seem. An insurance broker makes connections and helps people plan for a secure future. This licensing course will quickly prepare you to become an insurance broker and start your new career within weeks to a few months.

“Make the world a better place”


Advancing your nursing degree could help you make a bigger impact.

The desire to impact the world around us is a shared goal for many across the country. We all have experience and talents we can harness toward creating good for others.

  • Bachelor’s in Nursing: Nursing is a calling that naturally befalls those with compassionate hearts. A bachelor’s degree in nursing is becoming more and more preferred by health care employers. With a BSN, you are qualified for leadership roles, giving you the chance to make a difference in both the lives of patients and future nurses.
  • Master of Public Administration: The public needs qualified, strong leaders to drive change in the community. With a degree in public administration, you’ll learn the leadership tools you need to guide a nonprofit or government sector. Empower yourself to empower others who need it most.

Take a look at Google’s impressive interactive map to see more resolutions from across the globe.

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