5 Reasons to Get a Certified Financial Planner Certificate

Posted by on Thu, Sep 25, 2014

5 Reasons to Get a Certified Financial Planner Certificate


Money is an important factor in every aspect of life. No matter how much or how little a person has, it needs to be managed properly.

Most people have little interest in learning about strategies to managing their own money. As more and more Americans deal with the lagging economy, the demand for certified financial planners is growing. A certified financial planner is trained to advise and guide others to effectively manage their money to build a sustainable future. Obtaining a certificate to become a CFP® professional will give you valuable expertise to help others as well as your own personal and financial rewards.

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1. Abundant Job Prospects

Both businesses and individuals require assistance with the management of their money. Appropriate financial planning is essential to everyone’s future, because without good, sound advice, poor money management can lead to long-term struggles or even bankruptcy. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in the financial planning industry are forecasted to skyrocket now through the year 2018 and beyond. This means that no matter where you live, you should have an easier time obtaining competitive employment in your field with a certified financial planner certificate. Individuals who have earned their certified financial planner certificate will have even more opportunities available to them.

2. Prospective Earnings

A person can work as a financial planner without licensure as long as he or she has a degree, but attaining a certified financial planner certificate will significantly increase earning power. Attending class to earn a certified financial planner certificate might seem like a major sacrifice, but it’ll definitely be worth it. Various studies show that individuals working in the financial planning industry can expect to increase their earnings as much as 57 percent within a three-year period. Financial planners who have attained their certified financial planner certificate can expect to make a very comfortable annual income, with self-employed planners realistically earning six figures. There is also the ability to earn substantial bonuses in addition to regular income.

3. Greater Career Satisfaction 

Many people spend time and money attending school, only to end up with a job that isn’t satisfying. According to U.S. News, individuals working in the financial industry are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their jobs. In fact, the Jobs Rated Almanac recently rated financial planning as one of America’s top jobs, making earning a certified financial planner certificate well worth the time, money, and effort.

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4. Improve the Lives of Others

If you’re the type of person who receives a great deal of personal satisfaction from helping others and you’re not social worker or counselor material, then attaining your certified financial planner certificate could be right for you. You are likely to experience tremendous satisfaction from helping people make better choices regarding their finances. Your expert advice can mean the difference between great financial achievement and just getting by.

5. Flexibility

If you’re not thrilled by a typical nine-to-five work schedule, then you’re in luck. Most financial planners are able to make their own schedules, which is extremely convenient. It can be exceedingly difficult to take care of personal business and go to necessary appointments with a regular work schedule, but as a financial planner who has obtained their certified financial planner certificate, you will have the flexibility to schedule your personal engagements around appointments with your clients.

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As you can see, there are many good reasons to earn your certified financial planner certificate. Not only will you have the potential to earn a respectable income that will enable you to provide a comfortable living for you and your family, but earning your certified financial planner certificate will allow you to work in a career that leads to immense happiness and career satisfaction.

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    What does it take to become a certified financial planner? Number of courses? How much would it cost?

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