6 Careers to Be Your Own Boss In Midlife

Posted by on Wed, Jun 17, 2015


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Every day, thousands of people across the country consider second career ideas and decide to find a new professional calling. Some do it after losing their jobs. Some do it because they’ve simply grown weary of doing the same thing, day-in, day-out, for decades. Some do it because they are finally ready to follow their hearts, listen to the little voice in their heads, and realize lifelong dreams.

Stepping out on your own and into a new career isn’t easy. It takes education, training, commitment and a willingness to take a chance. It can also be the best experience of your life.

People who pursue second career ideas often reap significant and tangible financial rewards as well as those that are intangible: freedom, renewed enthusiasm, new experiences, and flexibility.

Here is a look at several financially and personally rewarding second career ideas that will will you on a path to be your own boss:

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The best realtors have life experience. They’ve owned homes. They understand the realities of paying a mortgage. They know the value of location. They are willing to share their experiences and practical knowledge with their clients.

Becoming a realtor often tops the list of second career ideas because it offers flexible schedules and unlimited earning potential.

Certified Financial Planner  

Top-quality financial planners are in high demand, which makes CFPs a good option when considering second career ideas. Almost everyone has to prepare for retirement and the passing on of their estates and assets.

People want to work with financial planners they can trust to ensure that their best interests are being protected—and this is what makes becoming a certified financial planner such a great second career option.


If you have ever had a business idea but have been too tied down to pursue it, now might be the time to cut the cords that are tying you to your current career and give it a shot.

Entrepreneurs are the fuel that keep the county’s economy firing on all cylinders, and people are willing to invest in people with ideas who are also willing to roll up their sleeves, organize, and start businesses.

If that describes you and your second career ideas, consider taking some business courses, writing a business plan, and trying to find venture capitalists willing to provide the resources you need to follow your dreams.

Project Manager 

Anyone thinking about second career ideas should seriously consider becoming a project manager.

Every company in every industry needs high-quality project managers. They are the glue that holds departments together, the spark plugs that keep companies moving forward, and the leaders called upon to ensure that goals are met.

Successful project managers have excellent organizational skills, the ability to creatively solve problems, and experience working under tight deadlines and budgets.


If you are organized, mathematically inclined, and enjoy working with people from all walks of life, consider accounting when you are considering second career ideas.

Accountants help individuals, businesses of all sizes, government agencies, and non-profit organizations manage their money. Accountants are in high demand. But most importantly, many accountants are well-paid and can largely pick their own schedules.

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Legal Services

One of the most rewarding second careers is in legal services. A career as a paralegal can put you at the vanguard of legal and public policy issues.

You will work closely with attorneys, researching cases and court decisions, preparing for trial, and making sure that the lawyers with whom you work have everything they need to be successful.

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