The 6 Qualities of a Successful Project Manager

Posted by on Fri, Jun 12, 2015

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Project managers oversee all the elements of a project beginning with its planning stages, then monitoring each stage of its progressive development through to completion. Successful project managers are able to call upon a variety of skills which include team building, budgeting, risk management, and statistical analysis in addition to planning and charting work flows to coordinate the groups who must work in tandem to complete an overall project. Lots of industries hire project managers so having expertise in your field is also important an important aspect of the job.

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Although project management skills were once learned on the job, the complexity of today’s industry projects has given rise to project management as its own specialty, with degrees and certifications available to those who want to increase their marketability and value in the workplace.

So how do you know if becoming a certified project manager is the right choice for you? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the most effective project managers have these six qualities:

1. They’re comfortable interacting with people.

Project managers must be able to interact with everyone who has input in a project from upper-level management to design teams to human resources and outside vendors. They must be assertive and set clear goals, yet remain approachable so that team members will come to them with problems as they arise.

2. They’re able to delegate tasks.

Micromanagers beware! You must know and trust your team members to do their own work. Project managers who want to do everything themselves will slow the process down and contribute to a project’s ultimate failure.

3. They’re good at facilitating group input.

Project managers must be able to take in the competing ideas of many groups that are responsible for the creation and execution of a team project, sort out what it is possible to do as well as who will get what support, and determine what a reasonable time line for the project will look like.

4. They are flexible.

Almost nothing in life happens the way we want it to, and the more components there are to a project, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong. Delays, mistakes, and setbacks may be part of the winding path a project takes, and a good project manager will be able to remain flexible and keep everyone on course despite the frustration of setbacks.

5. They are detail oriented.

Speaking of keeping everyone on course, the best project managers know how to pay close attention to the details as well as to the big picture. Making sure that each individual piece of a project is getting done on time, and done well, is a major component of successful project management.

6. They’re good communicators.

Project managers must hone both their oral and written communications skills as they will be responsible for preparing reports and making presentations to group members, managers, and even investors.

In the end, project managers are master jugglers. They must be able to track all the teams, timelines, and budgets necessary to complete a project, while keeping the moving parts working smoothly together to avoid a catastrophic failure. Successful project managers are not only able to get their own work done, they need to motivate others to do the same. If this is a job description that excites you, then becoming a certified project manager may be in your future.

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