7 Sites with All-Around Awesome Boomer Blogs

Posted by on Mon, Jun 29, 2015

top blogs for baby boomers

In the spirit of solidarity, many bloggers have taken to offering advice, sharing resources, and swapping stories to give the plus-50 crowd guidance, encouragement, and a few good laughs on the journey into midlife and beyond.

From arts and entertainment to religion and politics to finance and technology, we baby boomers have a unique way of viewing the present through our past experiences. These are the sites I like to visit when I want a little bit of perspective from people who grew up when I did—rotary phones and all!

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7 Sites with Great Baby Boomer Blogs:

1. BoomerCafe 

BoomerCafe is the digital version of the place you go to swap great stories with your friends. At 16 years and going strong, this site is the original “digital magazine for baby boomers with active lifestyles and youthful spirits.” Read a post, share a post; they even invite photos!

2. Huff/Post 50 

It’s hard to be a Huffington Post blogger, so this is where the cream of the blogosphere rises to the top. Huffington post bloggers can be counted on to provide well-written, researched articles that will both inform and entertain. There’s a wide range of opinions here, so you’ll find posts to both support and challenge your views on topics from work to health to fine arts. Jump in and join your peers who actively comment in this lively community.

3. Life Reimagined 

Whether it’s about well-being, work, or relationships, Life Reimagined offers stories that will inspire you to take action. With posts like The One-Hour Prep To Prepare You for Anything and Use Your Stress To Be Your Best, this a the perfect place to go for a dose of common sense advice from thought leaders and industry experts. They’ll help you, “rediscover what truly matters and focus on what [you] really want to do.”

4. Next Avenue

This is a great all-around magazine-style site to skim for interesting stories, insights, and opinion pieces on navigating life’s issues at midlife. And if something you read puts you in mind of your own story— submit it! Next Avenue is affiliated with the PBS media system and supports sharing ideas and encouraging conversation.

5. Purple Clover 

If “hot flashes” refers to a celebrity beach party, then you must be on Purple Clover. This blog is out to prove that baby-boomers are not boring. That their edgy articles can be found near the top of Google searches is proof that their audience agrees!

6. The Mid 

We all know how messy midlife can get in between raising our kids and our caring for our aging parents, so it’s a relief to hear other people share their stories with a sense of humor. Check out the Most Popular section of this blogging site first. With great titles like The 5 Stages of Grieving Your Favorite TV Show and 3 Conversations Even Siri Doesn’t Want to Have With Your Teen, you’re certain to find something that makes you laugh at our silly lives.

7. VibrantNation 

Vibrant Nation is an online community for women over 45 seeking the advice and support of other women like themselves. In addition to being able to your own share posts and comments on this site, you may also be able to join the Vibrant Nation blog circle. Vibrant Nation selects bloggers who are, “over 50, smart, independent, have interesting things to say about the world, and know how to laugh at themselves.”

If you have a favorite boomer blog you’d like to share with our readers, please add it to the comment section below.

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