8 Summer Classes to Delight Your Mind (for Free)

Posted by on Thu, May 29, 2014

8 Summer Classes to Delight Your Mind (for Free)


Finally—summer is here! After a long, hard winter for most of the country, we could all use the respite of warm temperatures, sunny beaches, and leisure time. Summer is the time to slow down. Find time to think, dream, and follow your curiosity.

You can do just that and entertain yourself with learning something new, just for fun. You can tap into anything that captivates you with thousands of free online summer classes from leading universities around the world. Cozy up with your laptop or tablet and connect to what fascinates you this summer.

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Delight your mind with our favorite free summertime classes.

1. Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern Worldstart date: June 2
Reading is a great summer pastime, and it’s as traditional as strawberry shortcake. With the promise of endless possibilities that summer brings, open yourself up to the new horizons in science fiction and fantasy, and see how they relate to your mind and the modern world around you.

2. Internet History, Technology, and Securitystart date: June 2
The Internet permeates virtually everything we do. The phones in our pocket, the registers at stores, our computers at home and work—they all use the Internet. Have you ever wondered what it is, though? Or how it came to be? Take some time to find out this summer. This course will teach you how the Internet evolved, how it works, and the intricacies of the security of our online communications. This is a great backbone to other courses, too, such as web design, web development, programming, or network administration courses.

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3. Animal Behaviorstart date: June 2
There’s a certain alluring call that most people can’t resist when it comes to watching animals. But what is it about the animal kingdom that catches our attention? Like the way nature changes with the seasons, animals adapt to their surroundings, too. But how do scientists understand the complex adaptations in animals? This course will give you the answers and let you be your own observing scientist. Maybe you’ll find a squirrel or two to apply your newfound knowledge to while lounging on the deck with a cool glass of lemonade.

4. Greek and Roman Mythology—start date: June 8
Forget the summer box office movies. The tales of love, war, betrayal, and heroism found in the mythology of ancient cultures is rife with suspense, entertainment, and truths about humanity. Dig deeper into the myths that wove through the fabric of the earliest cultures. How did these myths originate? Are they just stories or are are they a window into how ancient humans understood the mysteries of the universe? This course will get you thinking about the role that myths play for individuals, societies, and nations.

5. How to Change the Worldstart date: June 21
The world is changing around you with the beauty of summertime, but you can be an agent for change in other ways that are just as complimentary. This course examines issues concerning poverty, the environment, technology, health care, gender, education, and activism to help us understand how to better initiate positive change.

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6. Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the Brain Makes Decisionsstart date: June 23
This fascinating course is for those interested in the science of human minds. Economics, psychology, and neuroscience combine in this cutting-edge new path of study called neuroeconomics. What makes you decide to spend money on that ice cream when it’s hot outside but makes you shy away from it when you’re on your way home from work in a blizzard? Is your brain hardwired to make decisions that are rational or full of risks? This class focuses on decision making in financial markets, trust and cooperation in teams, and consumer persuasion. And you might just figure out what’s so inviting about that ice cream.

7. Starting a Business: Realize Your Visionstart date: June 30
Looking for something quick to fit in between vacations? With an easy two-week span, you can hear from inspiring teachers, advisers, and other entrepreneurs about what it takes to set your business idea into motion. Get started with a fresh understanding of the challenges and critical decisions a new business faces. Let the creative juices of summer help you grow your vision of a new business all your own.

[Want more support to get your business off the ground? Try an entrepreneurship course.]

8. The Music of the Beatlesstart date: July 6
Remember yesterday? One of the most well-known names in the history of entertainment—the Beatles—will be forever etched in the evolution of modern music. The legendary band enjoyed over a decade of active music production during the most influential era in music history. Like the seasons, their music was ever-evolving. This course details it all from the beginning with their formation in Liverpool, England, in 1960. The class focuses on the music, but you’ll also get the added bonus of some technical information alongside cultural and musical history, too.


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  1. theresa says:

    Just received this message and everything started in June.

  2. Diane Thomas says:

    Thanks for your helpful comment Theresa. We will be publishing articles for free and low-cost online courses regularly. Our July edition which comes out on Monday will cover MOOCs for hobbies, and another in August will address job skills. Please keep checking back to find the courses that fit your schedule, and visit LearningAdvisor.com to search the full list of courses that are available for hundreds of subjects. Enjoy!

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