AARP TEK Academy Partners with LearningAdvisor to Create Online Classroom for 50+

Posted by on Wed, Aug 19, 2015

AARP TEK Academy Partners with LearningAdvsior to Create Online Classroom for 50-Plus

Have you ever struggled to set up your new tablet computer, or use apps on your mobile phone? Maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to take online courses, or how you can use them to enhance your résumé.

LearningAdvisor is proud to announce its partnership with the new AARP TEK Academy, a free, easy-to-use online classroom designed to help 50+ Americans get the most out of technology to connect with family and friends, explore employment opportunities, access health information, enjoy entertainment, and more. TEK stands for Technology Education and Knowledge, and the TEK Academy is AARP’s latest offering aimed at helping the 50+ audience incorporate technology into their lives.

“Technology provides unprecedented access to a new world of learning possibilities,” said Sophie Vlessing, SVP for Strategy and Innovation at Kaplan Higher and Professional Education, the parent company of LearningAdvisor. “AARP TEK Academy with LearningAdvisor helps bridge the digital divide by offering resources that span the gap from basic how-to tutorials to online certification and degree programs, and it makes navigating the journey easier for everyone.”

While aimed at helping the 50+ audience, AARP TEK is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their smartphone, tablet, or other technology and needs some help navigating this bold new world, particularly older Americans who are increasingly integrating these technologies into their lives. According to newly released data from the Pew Research Center, only 18% of older Americans would feel comfortable learning to use a new technology device such as a smartphone or tablet on their own, while 77% indicate they would need someone to help walk them through the process. For this audience, the TEK Academy offers free video tutorials providing basic information; for instance, how to tweet, browse the internet, or set up online banking.

LearningAdvisor partners  with AARP TEK Academy to provide an even wider range of options including both free and low-cost online courses as well as certificate and degree programs. When you click on the LearningAdvisor link within the TEK Academy site, you will be presented with more advanced courses like How to Rock Social Media; iPhone Photography; and Creative Programming for Mobile Apps.

For those who want to advance their careers and update their current skills, LearningAdvisor also features certificate courses and online degree programs. Through the LearningAdvisor portal, you can choose to become certified in social media marketing, for example, or find an IT certificate prep course, earn a graduate certificate in information security, and more.

Currently, the TEK Academy subject areas include: Social Media, Online Safety, Tablets and Smartphones, Connected Life, and Real Pad. Additional pages are planned for the future.

According to AARP’s Interim Vice President Anne Jacoby, “We have had strong success at our face to face TEK workshops in cities across the country as adults share stories of being able to stay in touch with family via social media, use technology to expand their business, and learn new skills for job searches. The online AARP TEK Academy is a solution to reach even more Americans and help them to use technology to positively impact their lives and to realize the ‘real possibilities’ that AARP represents.”

If you need help navigating the brave new world of digital technology, visit the TEK Academy at to get started, and be sure to explore the additional offerings that LearningAdvisor proudly provides.




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