Be Social Media Savvy: Online Courses from Free to Degree

Posted by on Mon, Oct 19, 2015

Free and low-cost online courses to learn social media.

When it comes to social media marketing, there’s a perception that employers turn to younger hires to get the job done. While it’s true that those of us who are over 50 did not grow up in the world of social media sharing, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be awesome at it. With a little training, our social media marketing skills can make us shine both at work and on our resumes. The following list is a sampling of some of the many online courses, from free to degree, that you can find on LearningAdvisor to update your skills in social media marketing:

Free Social Media Marketing Courses

Low-Cost Social Media Marketing Courses

Certificate Options

  • Social Media Marketing
    Take your training to the next level with comprehensive Social Media Training and learn not only how to use each tool but how to decide which strategy is better for which type of campaign and what kind of business.
  • Pinterest Marketing
    Our teacher breaks down Pinterest marketing into easily relatable business concepts, giving you a framework to help build your strategy.
  • Facebook Marketing and Advertising
    This course uncovers not only the social networking opportunities for individuals, but how businesses can take a simple networking application and turn it into a massive lead generation and customer communication platform.
  • Microblogging And Twitter: Marketing And Advertising
    This course explains strategies, tips, best uses, and the best Twitter tools. In the end, you should have all the information you need to figure out how Twitter can be a valuable marketing tool for your business whether you’re in the B2B or B2C game.

Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies

This new degree from Open College at Kaplan University (OC@KU) allows you to build your own degree using free and low-cost online courses from anywhere on the internet. You can also accelerate your degree by petitioning for transfer credits from other college courses you’ve taken in the past as well as for learning you’ve achieved on your own through work, volunteer opportunities, and life in general. Use any of the courses mentioned above to create a degree focus on social media marketing.

To find out more about OC@KU, visit OC@KU online at To speak with an advisor, contact OC@KU toll free at 855.791.7106 or via email at


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