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Posted by on Tue, Jun 16, 2015

be your own boss

“It turns out that over the past decade or so, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to the 55-64 age group.”                                                                                                    – The Kauffman Foundation

When you think of entrepreneurs, who comes to your mind? If you picture a youthful internet mogul like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame, then you’re missing the bigger picture—it is men and women in the 55-65 year-old age bracket that have the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity.

Be Your Own Boss

Whether it is because they have grown tired of working for others, are searching for more satisfying jobs, or have a desire to turn their passions into a paychecks, the fact remains that more and more midlife professionals are starting their own businesses.

For 53-year-old Sean O’Toole, it was the desire to do something new and interesting with his life that led him to leave behind his job as an investment banker, and start a software development company. For Lisa Cirillo, a graphic artist turned at-home mom, it was the flexibility of deciding how much she wanted to work and earn that enticed her to re-enter the job market as a real estate professional. And for 62-year-old Rick Platt, it was an unexpected bankruptcy that propelled him successfully into the world of franchising.

Find Your Direction

What is it about being your own boss that appeals to you? What skills do you need to acquire before you can start the process? How do you explore your business ideas and opportunities for financing? LearningAdvisor has resources to help you find your way.

Our Be Your Own Boss pages will connect you with some of the top online courses for business visioning, planning, and marketing. Explore the skills you need to develop to make your business idea a reality. Learn more by clicking on the link below:

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  1. Dorothy Mason says:

    I have tried to find work through the temp agencies, on line resumes and pounding the pavement and nothing happened, all I got was thank you for applying when we have something that meets your expertise/ qualifications we will contact you……….blah blah blah.
    NOW I have finally started working in my own business. I tied up with a friend that has an established insurance business. I am a notary and am currently taking the steps to become an online issuing agent with Penn Dot and so far so good………..I am my own boss and responsible for everything, a little overwhelming financially, but better than looking over my shoulder to see who is trying to eliminate me to take my place or worried about someone thinking that I am too old to be working and should retire to my rocking chair……… took some time but I am looking forward to the future!!!!!

    • Diane Thomas says:

      That’s excellent news Dorothy! Yours is a story that many midlife professionals and people re-entering the workforce can relate to. I hope your comment inspires others to take control of their futures as well. If you need any help in the education department, be sure to check out our online resources of curated Be Your Own Boss courses at or browse our full online database at

    • Luci Latzko says:

      Hi Dorothy,

      Would you mind sharing with me how one would go about becoming an online issuing agent? I live in Illinois and have an insurance background. I found this interesting and would like to start my own business. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you in advance,


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