Boomer News: 5 Stories We Don’t Want You to Miss

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Posted by on Fri, Jun 12, 2015

stories for 50+

Our favorite weekly boomer news posts from around the web that focus on career advancement, career change, and online learning for a 50+ audience. (And a little entertainment too!)

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Editor’s Picks:

Are you a giver or a taker?

Explore the traits of givers, matchers, and takers in the workplace and find out how knowing where you fit in can affect your career. Read more

You know you’ve hit 50 when…

Facebook fans from the The Huffungton Post share some of their best “aha” moments. Do yours match up… or can you add a few more to the list? Read more

Going to Carolina? (In your mind!)

What would you do with a year off from work? Mapping it out can help lead you to your passion career. “How’s that?” you ask. Read more

Can you crowdsource for success?

“Signs point to yes.” Magic 8 Ball aside, crowdsourcing sites are opening up new funding possibilities for entrepreneurs of all ages. Which are right ones for your business ideas and how do you start? Read more

Work from home

Online business opportunities offer more workplace flexibility. These top tips for starting an online business can help you create the encore job of your dreams. Read more

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