Career Journey: Kaplan and LinkedIn Join to Provide Career Guide Program

Posted by on Tue, Sep 16, 2014

career journey


Your career, like a relationship, is a living thing. It is dynamic, changing with new circumstances and needs.

This week, Kaplan Higher Education Group and LinkedIn released Career Journey, an interactive online program that helps professionals of all ages design and manage a meaningful and successful career path. The free, six-part course guides you in developing a career unique to your interests and strengths. The program connects with your LinkedIn profile to build upon your existing foundation of employment experience, skills, and professional network.

“Career Journey was born from the realization that many people would benefit from a better understanding of how to use the LinkedIn platform as a valuable ongoing resource for career exploration, advancement, and reinvention,” said Sophie Vlessing, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Kaplan Higher Education Group.

How it works

The tool begins by allowing you to choose where you are in your career journey: just starting your career, looking to advance your current career path, or interested in changing your career.

With this context, the program walks you through six self-paced modules that use a combination of reflection exercises, informative articles, and videos from leading experts, such as LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, to guide you in planning and carrying out the career direction best suited to you.

“Partnering with thought leaders and offering actionable, proactive strategies for career development, Career Journey provides free and easy access to a variety of amazing resources all in one place,” said Jacqueline Jones, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation with Kaplan Higher Education Group.

Career Journey’s modules

Career Journey Modules


  1. Vision and Goals: This step helps you identify where you want to be in your career in the future and start outlining a path to get there.
  2. Strengths and Skills: Through a series of expert tips, you define your strengths and abilities.
  3. Personal Brand: In this step, you will understand the importance of developing a personal brand that communicates the characteristics that distinguish you in the job market.
  4. Opportunities: By analyzing market trends, you identify which ones open up opportunities that match your strengths and goals. You can also access LinkedIn’s job listings.
  5. Networking: This module teaches networking strategies and how to make useful connections.
  6. Learn as You Go: This key step focuses on planning for your continuing education to maintain up-to-date skills so you can be prepared to grow with the demands of your career and the job market.

“Using custom API integration with the LinkedIn platform, the course weaves a uniquely personalized learning experience of inspiration, introspection, connection, and action,” explained Vlessing.

The course is also equipped with calendar functions and completion data to help you keep track of your progress through each module. Additional tools are included to help you search job openings, find a mentor, and browse learning opportunities.

Career Journey is designed to be a revolving resource with no true beginning and end. You can use any or all of the modules at any time along the span of your career to gain new and ongoing insights and network support.

“Through our collaboration with LinkedIn,” said Vlessing, “we have created a powerful and practical course that helps professionals of all ages and career stages tap into their networks and move their careers forward through a dynamic approach to professional development.”

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