Enhance Your Career with a Human Resources Certificate

Posted by on Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Enhance Your Career with a Human Resources Certificate

If you’re a people-person with a good head on your shoulders and superb business skills, pursuing a human resources certificate could be the ideal move for you. This growing industry is looking for individuals with exemplary leadership skills, confidence, and a knack for diplomacy in an office setting.

Whether you’re starting afresh in this career field or you’re looking to enhance your current skill set, getting into human resources could work wonders for your path in the workforce. Check out these details to get a clear idea on what to expect, and discover why this vocation is in demand both for employers and prospective employees.

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Get the facts. What does someone in human resources do?

Someone with a human resources certificate is usually required to screen, recruit, interview, and coordinate administrative affairs in a workplace. Individuals are also typically responsible for organizing functions that promote employee morale and keep workers up to date on the status of their payroll and benefits information. It’s normal for these specialists to be involved with communicating disciplinary action or sitting in as a witness to management when disciplinary actions are performed.

Those who obtain a human resources certificate can look forward to favorable prospects in the future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , growth for specialists in this market is expected to be 7 percent through 2022. For management, there’s a projected growth rate of 13 percent.

• Many small- to mid-sized companies can have a wide array of requirements from employees associated with this field. However, larger businesses may hire employees that can work specifically as one of the following: recruitment specialist, HR generalist, employment interviewer, or placement specialist.

• The majority of those with a human resources certificate work full time in an office setting. Some are expected to travel periodically for high-end employment functions or job fairs. Overtime hours are rare but can occur, especially for those in supervisory or managerial positions.

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• Many employers and recruiters rely on practitioners in this field to be the total package. This means they must demonstrate a number of skills that prove they’re the right candidate for the position. These attributes often range from excellent interpersonal skills, high-level reading comprehension, conflict resolution capabilities, above average writing skills, and the ability to multitask.

Get the education. What does a human resources certificate entail?

• Core classes in a human resources certificate program often include employment law, internal consulting, staffing, benefits and compensation, performance management, employee relations, organizational behavior, strategy and development, job appraisal, and human capital management.

• There’s a wide range of institutions that allow you to pursue your educational goals for a human resources certificate program in your choice of learning environments via online courses, on-campus classes, or a combination of both forms.

• It’s important to know the difference between a graduate certificate in human resources and a postbaccalaureate certificate: a graduate certificate is for qualified individuals needing to acquire more knowledge for mid-level careers in the field, whereas the postbaccalaureate certificate is best for individuals pursuing entry-level positions.

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• You typically need more credits (approximately 30) to obtain a postbaccalaureate human resources certificate. You need to obtain about 16 credits to successfully graduate with a graduate certificate in this field.

Career advancement could be right around the corner for you as a professional in the workforce. Getting a human resources certificate can open the door to limitless opportunities that will enable you to meet all your career goals and connect with others in diverse employment backgrounds. Don’t miss this chance to take your future by the reigns and reach the next level of success in this industry.


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