Financial Professional Certifications Give You an Impressive Edge

Posted by on Thu, Jun 11, 2015

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Whether your career change is a choice or you’re transitioning out of a fading job market, your move to a career in finance can be an exciting adventure. You’ll need the right tools, the right image, and the right skills to make it work. can help with access to a number of financial professional certifications in Real Estate, Certified Financial Planning, Entrepreneurship, and other choice careers.

Even if you’re a seasoned professional, your past education and skills might not be enough to get your foot in a prospective employer’s door. You’ll need an impressive edge over the other candidates. Professional certifications can give you the edge you need by revamping your image and reinforcing your lifetime of experience with solid proof of your knowledge and expertise.’s educational opportunities can help you get started on the path to your new career. You can begin the moment you choose the specialty that’s right for you.

Real Estate Professional Certifications

If you’ve always imagined real estate as your true calling, what’s stopping you from making it a reality? Perhaps you were caught up in the seniority and salary of a long-term job. Maybe you couldn’t chance starting over because you had a young family to care for. If those reasons are behind you now, it’s the perfect time to consider a change.

Kaplan Real Estate Education can give you the insight you need to decide if a career in real estate is right for you. Once you’ve made a commitment, a team of dedicated professional educators will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Meet local board requirements
  • Pass your state’s licensing exam
  • Step confidently into your new career
  • Help you meet continuing education requirements

[Find inspiration in Lisa’s Story as she forges a successful new career in real estate.]

Certified Financial Planning Professional Certifications 

If you enjoy helping clients get their financial lives in order, you’ll thrive in a career as a Certified Financial Planner. Kaplan’s CFP Board-registered education programs will cover the required coursework, including the 8 Job-Task Domains established by the Certified Financial Planning Board.

CFP professional certifications courses will teach you the skills, the professional standards, and the code of ethics necessary to get started in your new career. You’ll study with CFP professionals in your choice of programs.

  • Accelerated CFP for certification in 12 months
  • Self study online
  • University partners for classroom or online study
  • CFP Exam Prep Review Course for a preparation boost during the weeks before your exam

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Project Management Professional Certifications

Project managers are the key to successful operations in construction, engineering, insurance, and many other fields. They merge the thrill of being in charge with the authority to make it happen. If you see that as your next career move, a professional certificate in project management  can make it happen. You’ll learn basic project management concepts and get an overview of the traditional job duties:

  • Setting the parameters of a project
  • Projecting financial needs
  • Determining procedures to be used
  • Allocating manpower and resources
  • Establishing time frames
  • Assigning duties and responsibilities

[Opportunities in the field of business finance continue to grow.]

Finance Management Professional Certifications

If you’ve set your sights on a career that puts you in charge of business finance, Kaplan’s Finance for Managers certificate program can give you the tools to get you there. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8.9 percent growth in financial management jobs by 2020. You can become a part of that expansion, but instead of selling yourself as a hopeful candidate with a strong background, you can market your professional certifications education and your mastery of real world financial skills:

  • Strategies for making sound financial decisions
  • Working with basic mathematical calculations
  • Capital budgeting techniques.
  • Recognition of financial trends
  • Tracking profits and losses
  • Reporting/explaining findings to others

Professional Certifications Programs Offer Class Flexibility

If you’ve been walking the same career path for years or even decades, the idea of class time with students much younger than you might make you a little anxious. Fortunately, and its professional certification partners have changed the traditional classroom experience.

Self-paced, online professional certifications programs make it easy to learn and study when and where you choose. You may select the study tools you prefer: videos, ebooks, interactive exercises. You can interact with instructors and fellow students day or night, and Pay as You Go tuition makes classes budget-friendly.

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