Grow Your Real Estate Business Using LinkedIn

These 5 tips will increase your visibility.
Posted by on Wed, Sep 9, 2015

Using LinkedIn to grow your Real Estate business.

With 364 million acquired users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn, the leading professional networking platform on the internet, is today amongst the most popular social media channels, surpassing giants like, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr.

As the world wide web’s largest (and virtually the only) professional social network, LinkedIn not only represents a quick and easily-accessible networking platform for all industries, but it allows a certain degree of personalization, unlike more obsolete print resumes.

When it comes to real estate, LinkedIn can be a key tool for boosting marketing strategies and business thanks to some of its most important features. Here are five ways to use LinkedIn to grow your real estate business and to make sure your LinkedIn presence is all in order.

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1. Connect with the right people in your professional network.

LinkedIn is, just like any other social network, about connections. But unlike Facebook and Twitter, for example, the platform was conceived mainly for professionals. For this reason, the website not only enables users to keep and reinforce already existing working connections, but it also helps in building new working relationships with users ‘being introduced’ to potential clients or partners through what are called ‘second-degree’ or ‘third-degree’ connections. Moreover, users can join groups—real estate communities, for instance— and start building influence and visibility.

2. Make your real estate business easy to discover.

LinkedIn allows users to find out more about companies and quickly navigate through their history, their job offers, and their current employees, ticking all the boxes of network research. It also giving users ad hoc suggestions through its localization and personalization criteria.

Make sure your business is discoverable by making company information extensive and up to date.

3. Give greater exposure to your marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn allows companies to share their existing marketing strategies within their professional network, thus allowing companies to gain more visibility and traffic from the right people. With this in mind, it is also of fundamental importance to include a LinkedIn button on your website, and to connect all social media accounts. This allows users to gain a more in-depth view into the every-day dynamics and culture of your brand.

4. Gain testimonials and recommendations.

LinkedIn favors trustworthiness and reliability through recommendations, saved searches, bookmarks and its strict spam policies. In any business, but particularly in real estate, positive feedback is crucial to thrive.

5. Make sure your house is presentable.

LinkedIn allows updates and profile optimization, including update of images, documents, and YouTube videos, as well as personalized descriptions. It is therefore vital for a real estate business to keep its company info complete and its contents original and up to date in order to generate traffic.

Three Top Examples Of Real Estate LinkedIn Profiles

Ultimately, when used savvily, LinkedIn gives companies a real chance to stand out. Colonial Capital, a Chicago-based investment management company, runs a LinkedIn profile with an impressive number of original and thorough updates each week. Articles cover everything about Chicago’s Real Estate market, displaying the company’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and the range of their research in the investment business.


Colonial Capital LinkedIn page.




Real Estate Heaven also has a particularly appealing profile, with a fresh profile picture, a mission statement, and a number of updates covering not only the market’s latest news, but also sharing events and seminars with its followers. By promoting users’ responses through comments and likes, as well as by offering prospective clients or real estate professionals the possibility of attending a number of events, Real Estate Heaven makes the most of LinkedIn’s potential.


Real Estate Heaven LinkedIn page.


With an original and clever profile picture, Real Living Real Estate clearly targets their clients’ desire to stand out: their LinkedIn page catches the eye and gives the company itself the potential to stick out. Real Living Real Estate also allows its followers to comment on posts and participate in their online community’s activity, and their posts cover everything from graduate housing issues to real estate myths, appealing to a wide range of readers.



Real Living Real Estate LinkedIn page.


All these companies use similar, but effective, methods to grab and keep their audience’s attention. As the most professional of the social networks, LinkedIn represents a key social element of real estate marketing strategies, giving users a chance to engage with and be a true part of these companies’ philosophies.

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Using LinkedIn for a real estate businessVirna Gvero  is a freelance writer working for AccuraCast, a London-based digital marketing company. I specialize in social media and marketing strategies.

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