Higher Ed Jobs: 4 Non-Teaching University Careers

Posted by on Thu, Jun 18, 2015

university jobs beyond teaching

Seeking employment at a university does not mean that you have to be a college professor. While this is often the first position that comes to mind when someone imagines a job in academia, there are other options for working both behind-the-scenes or directly with undergraduate and graduate students.

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Based on your skill sets, here are four rewarding higher ed  jobs in non-teaching university careers:

1. College Advising

If you choose to pursue a position in college advising, you will offer guidance services to students so that they can choose an educational path or stay on-track and graduate on-time. School advisors direct and coordinate college placement, advise students on their financial aid options, review applications, and arrange college fairs. Your goal as a college advisor is to ensure that all students are equipped with the information and the support  they need to succeed in school. To seek employment in this field, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in counseling or a master’s degree. Typically, there is no licensure requirement.

2. Director of Student Affairs

A director of student affairs, also called a student services director, is responsible for overseeing student activities and programs. The purpose of the student affairs department is to improve the lives of students while they are on and off-campus. The director will coordinate events, oversee student bodies, mentor students, hire student workers, oversee student housing and more. To hold the title, most institutions prefer that you have an advanced degree such as a master’s of higher education administration or another relevant area of studies that covers curriculum in student affairs and student development.

3. Director of Admissions

The admissions department reviews applications year-round. As the director of admissions, you’ll oversee the department where you will supervise operations, train staff, mentor students and staff, and provide coaching when necessary. You will review data concerning admissions and come up with strategic planning for the upcoming school term. You’ll  be in regular contact with the campus president to align goals and design marketing campaigns. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and several years of business or academic experience for this title.

4. Senior Database Analyst

Universities rely on databases and computers to deliver instruction and store very private and very important information. There will always be a need for IT professionals in this setting, especially database administrators and analysts. Your duties in this role will include maintaining, designing, evaluating, and securing database management systems. You will also be responsible for repairing systems when they are breached and accessing data backups. You will need a computer science degree and technical work experience as a DBA to be hired for this position.

While the demand for teaching professionals in higher education institutions is high,  there is also a high demand for non-teaching professionals. With more and more students enrolling to earn a degree, the higher education sector is a great employment setting for stability and an opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

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