The Power of Continuing Education

Posted by on Wed, Aug 20, 2014
The CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, shares his thoughts on the link between continuing education and career advancement.

“Education is everything,” says Jeff Weiner, CEO of the career networking site LinkedIn, to sum up the synergy between education and careers.

The needs of the job market continue to rapidly evolve with technology, making lifelong learning essential. “It’s absolutely critical to continue to learn,” says Weiner. This technological evolution has also created unprecedented opportunities. Online education opens up a new level of possibility for everyone to keep learning.

“Barriers to becoming better educated are dropping in ways we’ve never seen before,” Weiner notes.

Continuing your education is key to pursuing your career ambitions.

“It’s a requirement if you’re going to add value to this techonomic world that we live in,” says Weiner, highlighting the connection between technology and the economy.

Weiner suggests focusing your education on skills that will directly relate to the career you’re targeting. “It’s through that learning process that we better understand our own skills, our own passions,” he says.

Our world is also increasingly connected. “It’s about all of the people you come into contact with in your day-to-day,” says Weiner. Leaders, followers, supervisors, coworkers, and direct reports are all intertwined to form a rich and deep network. Get the most out of your network by identifying mentors and getting on-the-job experience.

And finally, “put those educational experiences to work.”

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