Job Search Tips over 50: How to Promote Yourself with an Online Course

Posted by on Thu, Aug 6, 2015

          job search tips over 50

Enhance your job search strategy or move forward in your current position by completing an online course. With a vast multitude of subject areas available on-line, completing an official online class in a specific subject area that complements your career will offer you an advantage. Trained professionals offer valuable, authentic, university-level courses at the convenience of your computer, and this is a great way to boost your skill set during your search for a job or as you advance in your current position.

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Here are the top job search tips for promoting yourself with an online course.

1. Stale résumé?

Fill out a lean resume with a supplemental course that will have a direct impact on your career. This is also a great discussion point during an interview because it illustrates your initiative, dedication, and responsibility. Or update a stale resume with a recent accomplishment like completing an on-line refresher-course. A foreign language, business, or computer class is great ways to distinguish your resume from the rest.

2. Re-Freshen Up

An online course that possesses cutting edge information about your industry is an assertive way to remain competitive. Rekindle your passion for your nine to five by taking a course where you will learn about current trends in your field by rubbing cyber-elbows with people who share an interest in your career.

Stay mentally in shape with an online course that sparks your interest. Complete with assignments, quizzes, and lectures, an online course will challenge you mentally in an environment that you control. By taking the course at home you can pause and review as necessary, developing desirable work habits. In case you have been out of school for a while, you may take a course to improve your awareness, note taking skills, typing, attention to detail, vocabulary, and computer-literacy, your supervisor or future employer is sure to notice the improvement.

4. Convenient

The ability to take the course online makes it so much easier to complete at your pace. By reducing the stress involved in commuting, working, and fulfilling other responsibilities you can really just focus on the material. With a syllabus provided ahead of time, you can work the course into your daily routine.

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5. Business Expense

If the online course you complete has an impact on your day to day responsibilities at work, then there may be a good chance that your company will pay for the certificate, or allow you to take the course at work!

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6. Interaction

Some online courses are designed to include interaction with classmates. This is a great way to share your professional experience and learn from others, and a great way to answer a question about teamwork during an interview.

With so many free and inspiring courses available, you are bound to find one that spikes your interest and helps you stay focused while you look for employment or move ahead in your current position. You may also take a course just to learn something new.

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