Kaplan University Announces Grant for Boomers

Posted by on Fri, May 23, 2014

Kaplan University Announces Grant with LearningAdvisor


Change is in the air, especially for Boomers and midlife professionals. In fact, nine million Americans make major career changes after the age of 40, according to a MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures Report, and 31 million more are interested in an encore career. They’re either changing what they’re currently doing, starting their own businesses, or returning back to work after retirement. And 50 percent of those Americans don’t even have plans to retire.

Yet, supporting a career change by going back to school still seems unfeasible for those that could benefit from the additional training. High tuition costs or balancing a working life can stop many Boomers from pursuing their educational goals.

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Through a partnership with AARP’s Life Reimagined and Kaplan University, LearningAdvisor.com was created to help people resolve these challenges and find realistic ways to obtain the educational credentials they need for a more fulfilling career. LearningAdvisor provides insights and resources to help Boomers navigate all their learning opportunities and find free courses, certificates, or degree programs that will support their career change aspirations.

In recognition of the financial burden that midlife career changers often face, Kaplan University is also offering a limited-time grant to cover 50 percent of tuition costs to the first 50 people who are 50 years old or older and enroll in a Kaplan University degree or credit-bearing certificate program through LearningAdvisor. It’s called the 50/50/50 grant.

Why Kaplan University?

Kaplan University is committed to helping students transform their lives through education. Kaplan University offers on-campus and online classes, self-study options, and a variety of study tools to accommodate every type of learner. Whether you’re going to school full-time or you still need to work full-time while attending school, there is an option for you.

Kaplan University has a different school of thought on higher education. With an emphasis on adults earning their degrees, Kaplan works with students to unlock their natural talents. The university provides practical, student-centered curriculum that prepares students for real-world careers in fast-growing industries. Kaplan University currently serves approximately 43,000 online and campus-based students and has 11 campuses across the country.

With the ease of access to online courses at Kaplan University, you can balance your life on top of school without any interruptions. Take classes on your time.

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Look into the possibilities—what can you do with the 50/50/50 grant?

“Americans are living longer and juggling more competing responsibilities than ever before,” says Emilio Pardo, AARP Executive Vice President and President of Life Reimagined. “At the same time, they’re also excited by ‘what’s next’ and see lifelong learning and ongoing education as being incredibly important and powerful as they reimagine their lives,” he added.

With a 50 percent tuition grant, you can start reimagining your life right now. Get started on a bachelor’s degree, or continue your education with a graduate degree. You can also take certification courses in subjects such as social services, educationnursing, health care, business, and technology to further advance your current skills and get ahead in your career.

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If you have prior college experience or extensive work experience but never completed your degree, you can take a course called “Documenting Your Experiences for College Credit.” In the course, you can use your valuable expertise to apply for college credit, skip over what you already know, and get ahead on your degree in less time for less cost. Getting academic credit for the experience you already have combined with a 50 percent tuition grant could have a powerful impact on how much easier it will be to obtain the education to advance your career.

Among the thousands of Boomers interested in recareering or advancing their current careers, many are held back by financial challenges. This grant is a chance to overcome those barriers and achieve your educational goals to reimagine your career.

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