Looking for Retirement Jobs?

The CEO of Retirement Jobs explains how going back to school can help you get a job.
Posted by on Fri, Jul 10, 2015
retirement jobs


On the hunt for your retirement job? In this exclusive interview with the CEO of Retirement Jobs, Tim Driver explains that a way to reimagine or advance your career is to either go back to school and finish your degree or to enhance your skills with an online course.

Having the right skills is invaluable, especially at midlife. According to Driver, when you show employers that you are continuing to learn, you are showing them that you are current, and that can increase your marketability. Retirement jobs are an opportunity to leverage your background and skills in a powerful way. Showing potential employers that you are willing to use the current tools of online learning also demonstrates your ability to evolve into new career possibilities.

retirement jobs

Tim Driver, CEO of RetirementJobs.com, shares his insights on finding employment in midlife.

Retirement job opportunities are broad. Working part-time in a nearby hospital, consulting for a company, turning a hobby such as gardening into a part-time landscape design business, and starting a new career as a teacher are all considered retirement jobs.

Driver says, “Earning a degree may help show employers that you are a dedicated worker who will stick with a profession.” Potential career fields for 50+ students include health care, entrepreneurship, education, and even information technology. Driver asserts that in today’s service-driven economy, having the right skills is invaluable.


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