New Year, New Hobby! 10 Fun Online Courses for Hobby Lovers

Posted by on Thu, Jan 1, 2015

online courses for hobbies

When you look ahead to all the exciting possibilities the New Year will bring, don’t forget about online learning! With so many free and low-cost online courses available, there’s no reason you shouldn’t resolve to take up a new hobby in 2015, or brush up on an old one!

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Let this list of fun online courses for 2015 get your creative juices flowing, then look for more on!

10 Hobby-Related Courses to Take Online in 2015:

What’s your hobby?

1. Foreign Languages?
Bet you haven’t tried Russian! Learn Russian Language – Russian For Beginners: Free. Self-paced.

2. Are you a Shakespeare buff?
Check out Shakespeare’s Hamlet: text, performance, and culture: Free. Starts: Jan.19, 2015.

3. Interested in computer programming?
Design a game with Begin Programming: Build your First Mobile Game: Free. Starts Feb. 2, 2015.

4. Can’t get enough music?
Learn Jazz Appreciation: Free. Starts Jan. 20, 2015

5. Looking for a free  photography course?
You’ve found it! Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course: Free (duh!). Self-paced.

6. Want to paint like a pro?
Practice watercolor techniques with Watercolour Painting – How to paint Flowers: $45. Self-paced.

7. Need to get healthy?
Take up yoga with 14 Day Hatha Yoga for Detox and Weight Loss: $50. Self-paced. (Pay once, practice for life!)

8. Wish you could sing?
You can if you try How to hear and sing “in-tune.” :$29. Self-paced

9. Prefer to work with your hands?
Choose Woodworking: From a Log to a Spoon. $15. Self-paced. (And you end up with a wooden spoon!)

10. Is travel your passion?
Learn how to get free flights through Become a Travel Wizard: Learn to Game the System & Fly Free: $79. Self-paced and guaranteed!

Have you taken any fun online courses you’d like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below.












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