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Posted by on Tue, Jul 8, 2014

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Do you ever wonder which skills you need to ensure your job won’t be shipped overseas? In today’s world, it’s difficult to have total job security, but according to this list of majors and academic programs that can’t be outsourced, there are many jobs that depend on a worker’s physical presence—boots on the ground, if you will—and are considered outsource-proof. LearningAdvisor has paired these academic fields with online classes, degrees, and certificate programs that teach the skills you need to increase your chances of staying relevant in an ever-changing workplace.

One of the best ways to avoid outsourcing is to enhance your skills and take your professional future into your own hands.  Who knows, you may even get promoted!

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Start exploring these outsource-proof fields with free online courses. If you like what you find, consider earning a degree or certificate in the field to help you recareer. You can even speed your path to a new degree by getting college credit for knowledge you’ve already learned in life or on the job.

Our top 10 choices for outsource -proof career fields:

1. Accounting

  • An Introduction to Financial Accounting
    This course is one of four courses that make up the Wharton Foundation Series from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Managerial Accounting
    This self-paced course covers the tools managers must use to make informed decisions, including cost, price, and profit.
  • Developing a Personal Financial Plan
    In this self-paced class, you’ll learn how to create financial statements and prepare budgets, as well as an introduction to important concepts in personal financial planning.

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2. Early Childhood Education

3. Electrical

  • 3 Phase Panel—Learn 3 Phase Wiring
    This one hour, $39 video lesson is designed to take you through the training process of 3 phase panel wiring and related subjects.
  • Linear Circuits
    An introductory course from the Georgia Institute of Technology, this free online class includes laboratory demonstrations, lectures, and homework.

4. Energy

  • Energy 101
    Another great class from the Georgia Institute of Technology! Energy 101 reviews the driving forces and current trends in energy use today.
  • Energy, the Environment, and Our Future
    Potential entrepreneurs, investors, managers, and policy makers will find this course to be an excellent primer on energy and environmental issues.

5. Environment

  • Environmental Politics and Law
    This Yale course examines the question Can law change human behavior to be less environmentally damaging?
  • Energy Economics and the Environment
    Topics include environmental economics, energy economics, environmental ethics, oil sector, the electricity sector, alternative energy, sustainability, climate change, and climate policy.
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy an Management
    For those ready to invest in an education program, acquire green-related expertise by earning a degree in environmental policy that could make you an asset in environmental and sustainability careers.

6. Diet and Weight Loss

  • Food, Nutrition, and Your Health
    Ever wonder what really makes a healthy diet? In this class, you will learn the basic concepts of nutrition, as well as how to follow a diet that will protect you from various health problems.
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0
    Stanford University’s child nutrition class will teach students what constitutes a healthy diet for children and adults and how to prepare simple, delicious foods aimed at inspiring a lifelong celebration of easy home-cooked meals.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science
    With a tuition investment, you can train for a high-demand and evolving career in nutrition, gaining the scientific and real-world knowledge you need to get started in the nutrition industry.

7. Management

  • Foundations of Business Strategy
    The University of Virginia is presenting this course to aspiring managers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, analysts, and consultants who will find value in mastering the fundamentals of a successful business strategy.
  • Finance for Managers
    This paid certificate course will teach mangers how to analyze financial data and make educated business decisions.
  • Project Management
    This fee-based course provides practical, real-world scenarios to help you learn new skills to apply every day in your job.

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8. Marketing

  • An Introduction to Marketing
    Another course in the Wharton Foundation Series, this University of Pennsylvania class is taught by three of Wharton’s top faculty in the marketing department.
  • Advertising and Promotion
    With the incredible growth of social media, now is a particularly exciting time to explore the fascinating world of advertising through the case-based approach this class offers.

9. Nursing

[Hear one woman’s story of success in nursing: From Floor Nurse to Manager.]

10. Physical Education

Search for more online courses that interest you in our comprehensive search tool. LearningAdvisor aggregates thousands of online courses in hundreds of subjects taught by everyone from Ivy League professors to industry experts, all with one common goal—to provide educational opportunities to lifelong learners.

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