Ten Blogging Tips for Beginners

Posted by on Fri, Jul 3, 2015

blogging tips for beginners

The key to blogging success, like any other endeavor, is hard work.  The trick is to take one step at a time, and not begin by focusing on the larger picture. If you’ve started a blog and you want to take it to the next level, follow these ten blogging tips for beginners:

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1. Please one person: “Never try to please everyone; if you do, you will be respected by no one.” -Paulo Coelho
Truth be told, large audiences overwhelm most of us. If you start writing with a large audience in mind, chances are that you’ll get nervous and make more mistakes.  Write just for one person who will be interested in your story.  Then add one more to it, and then one more, and keep going.

2. Friendly Tone: Tone determines how engaging your posts will be. Finding the right tone is a long, winding process. Bloggers often overindulge in the technicalities of language and grammar. Technicalities are important, of course, but if you get bogged down with them, you may never be able to write anything. The safest bet is to write in an interactive and informal tone, although this also depends on the kind of audience that you’re addressing.

3. Reward your readers: Your audience invests valuable time in reading your blog, and you need to reward them for that. As a blogger, there’s no better way to reward your readers than to give them valuable content on time—content that is engaging enough to delight them, consistently, every time!

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4. Be genuine and authentic: You’re unique, so why shouldn’t your blog be? Every post should display your uniqueness and authenticity to your readers. Successful blogs install that faith amongst their readers, and so should yours too.

5. Find a hook: Finding a hook that can bring readers back to your blog again is crucial. This requires paying special attention to your readers’ feedback, and working on that. Once you spot a successful hook for your blog, you can create posts around it consistently.

6. Write catchy headlines: Headlines convert potential readers into an actual readers. Rigorously test all your headlines and explore why one headline wins over the other to discover your best choice.

  • The best way to test headlines is by tracking the clicks that you receive on your blog posts with Google Analytics. How many comments you get on your posts will also give you a fair idea about the popularity of a post and its headline.
  • Make sure that your headlines contain the keyword/s of the main topics that you are writing about, as well as convey what your post is all about, and what readers will learn from it. For example,  in Seinfeld Productivity Chain: A simple idea that works, the headline clearly tells the readers that the post is about the Seinfeld productivity chain, and after reading this post readers will know this simple productivity hack.

7. Leverage social media: The audience potential of social media is huge, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t  take advantage of it. You”ll be thrilled with the kind of traffic you get on your blog once your posts go viral. Research you’re the audience you want to attract, then register on the social media sites that audience uses. Share your posts on them all to see which one hits the bull’s eye!

8. Guest Blog: Successful bloggers know this is an important step in growing their audience. Guest blogging is important, not just for reaching out to a new reader base, but also as a way to impress them. It’s like playing an away match where you display your skills to win over new fans.  Just make sure to write your best pieces whenever you submit to be a guest blogger.

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9. Design & Theme: Design plays an important role in the success of your blog. Pick a theme that matches your blog sensibility and design a blog that provides a rich user experience, putting extra attention on details that can reap the best dividends. For instance:

  • Use images that define your posts pictorially.
  • Tag every post with relevant keywords so that readers can find older posts archive easily.
  • Give readers an option to subscribe to your blog so that they can receive blog updates in a newsletter.

These are simple but important steps that can enhance the overall user experience of your blog.

10. Be interesting: Read successful blogs and learn from them what to write about. Slowly, you will realize that the best things to write about are the things that you know well, subjects you’re passionate about. Topics that come from your heart pique the interests of your readers and invite comments and sharing. This will add to an article’s popularity and your ultimate success.

In the end, running a successful blog is much more than just writing. It’s a constant process of learning, and applying what you learn to what you write, whom you share it with, and the readers you connect with.

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