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Posted by on Mon, Jun 22, 2015

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Everyone loves to look at great photos, but not everyone knows how to take them. Digital cameras make it easy to experiment with photography, but even in the automatic mode you can still take a lousy shot unless you know some of the basic tricks of the trade. And the latest computer editing software? It can’t help you achieve the spectacular post-production effects you’re looking for unless you know how to use it.

If you’re interested in taking better photos, in learning more about your digital camera, or in mastering the art of photo editing, you’re in good company. Digital photography classes are among the top searched-for courses on LearningAdvisor, and thousands of digital photography enthusiasts are learning how to take better photos through free and low-cost online courses.

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To help nurture your inner photographer, we’d like to share 5 popular photography courses on LearningAdvisor.

5 Top Photography Courses on LearningAdvisor:

  1. Photoshop Beauty Retouching – How To Get The Perfect Look
    Make everyone (including yourself) look more beautiful with Photoshop. This course promises to teach people of any age or ability how to use Photoshop to enhance the beauty of their subjects.
  2. Photoshop CS3 Sharpening Images
    Do you ever wonder why photos you see on the internet look so amazingly sharp, and yours don’t? This course from Lynda.com will teach you how to get the same amazing results that the professionals do. Lynda is a subscription service with thousands of courses available, so for $25/month you can continue learning whatever your heart desires!
  3. Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course
    Join over 83,000 people who have taken this popular course on the fundamentals of digital photography. According to the description, it requires nothing more than “a camera and some enthusiasm!”
  4. “1” The Biggest And Most Popular Photoshop Course On Udemy
    How could over 100,000 students be wrong? This course promises more than 150 lessons to make Photoshop fun and easy for everyone.
  5. 10 Steps to Dramatic Nature Photography
    This course consists of 10 videos from wildlife photographer Jim Zuckerman who will teach you how to create stunning landscapes, increase your awareness of light and its effects on nature photography, capture powerful pictures of wildlife, pay attention to background elements, macro photography, and much, much more.

Take one of these courses, or search our full course listings for more. Then come back and share your comments with our readers. Are you a better photographer now?

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