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Posted by on Thu, Jul 2, 2015

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Veterans returning home from active duty must look for work like anyone else. During their military careers, veterans pick up specific skills that can help them find jobs when they return to civilian life. Jobs for veterans are available in several different industries and military personnel can use the experience gained during their service in lieu of a degree program or specific certification.

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Here are some top-paying career for veterans in civilian life:

  1. Insurance – Insurance companies such as USAA offer jobs to veterans. USAA, specifically reserves almost 30 % of its recruiting budget for the hiring of American veterans returning from service. For active duty reservists, USAA provides full pay if they are called back to active duty in addition to keeping their other benefits intact as well. Other key points for the insurance industry include:
  • Median wage: $46,770 per year
  • Educational requirements: high school diploma or equivalent
  • Key qualities: exceptional communications skills, highly organized

Working in the insurance field allows you to be as structured or as relaxed as you need. There are several jobs for veterans in the insurance industry. Agents, adjusters and sales are just a few of the jobs for veterans that allow them to challenge themselves.

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  1. Electronics industry – Jobs for veterans who spent their time in the military working on electronics and various types of security and maintenance systems will do well in this industry. BAE Systems, Inc. is a well-known corporation that works with the Defense Department developing guidance and other systems used in aircraft and other machinery.
  • Median wage: $87,180 per year for electrical engineers
  • Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree
  • Key qualities: exceptional attention to detail, highly organized, good communication skills, the ability to troubleshoot problems and come to a successful solution, critical thinking skills

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There are many jobs for veterans available in the electronics industry. Many vets received training in electronics and computer repair during their time in the military. That training can be beneficial especially when a veteran is applying for a job with a company that has several military contracts.

  1. Information and data technology – As the military has progressed into the information age, it has trained its soldiers and Marines how to operate and maintain information and data technology programs and software. Because of this, jobs for veterans can be found in many of the country’s largest information and IT companies. Cisco Systems offers jobs to veterans of all ages. They provide excellent benefits to the servicemen and women who are in their ranks. Working within the information and data industry allows servicemen to continue working with many of the systems they used in the military.
  • Median wage: $46,260 for computer support specialists
  • Educational requirements: some college, no degree required
  • Key qualities: dedicated to detail, ability to locate and troubleshoot problems, critical thinking, ability to work within strict security parameters

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Jobs for veterans can be found if they have had training in information and data technology systems. Many receive this type of training as soon as they join the service. Jobs for veterans include computer support specialists, computer analysts and IT technicians that specialize in the repair and maintenance of highly-evolved cloud computing systems.

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Veterans who are beginning to look for jobs, should include all of the training they received during their service on their résumé. They should also include any special qualifications they have and abilities that go above and beyond the normal scope of training. Jobs for veterans are available in almost every industry. Highlighting the education and training they received during their military career can gain them a lot of ground when trying to land the higher paying jobs an industry has to offer.

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  1. Ezan says:

    So extremely grefutal and proud of my husband Walt who served our country in the Air Force. Also this is a very special Veterans Day for us as a family as we just welcomed our son Jared home from Afghanistan. So proud of him and the sacrifices he has made for our country. I do not take this blessing lightly as I am grefutal to all those families who bore the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom through the loss of a family member. God’s blessings to all our veterans! Thank you for your service.

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