Why a Paralegal Degree is Perfect for Non-Traditional Students

Posted by on Thu, Jul 23, 2015

paralegal degree

According to the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), there are over 18,000 certified paralegals in the U.S. Paralegals are the backbone of the legal system and work directly under the supervision of an attorney. They conduct interviews, investigations and legal research. They also locate witnesses, draft legal documents and record legal notes. Therefore, it is understandable why those in the legal world often say that behind every great lawyer is a great paralegal. Below explains why a paralegal degree is a perfect choice for non-traditional students.

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Fast Track to Being a Law Professional

Obtaining a formal law degree and becoming an attorney can be quite difficult, expensive, and time consuming. However, a paralegal degree is a great way to quickly enter the professional field of law. Paralegal degree holders will enjoy the benefit of being able to interact with a variety of both privately and publicly employed legal professionals. In addition, paralegals can join different formal associations such as their state bar or even the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA).

Online Options

A paralegal degree holds certain advantages over other degrees because it isn’t like education or science that requires hands-on, supervised academic training. A paralegal degree can be completed online without ever having to actually step into a classroom. This is because paralegals learn the necessary knowledge through their degree program and then learn the necessary skills during on-the-job training with an attorney.

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Work and Study

While most paralegals finish a 2-year program and obtain official certification, there are opportunities for working as a paralegal during school. That is, paralegals may be able to simply start working and learning the job while they are also in school. Being able to learn on the job will only accelerate the academic learning process. You can find out more about a paralegal job description at Ampulse.com.

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As mentioned above, many paralegals obtain their degree through online programs. In addition , law firms generally offer flexible schedules to their employees due to the demanding nature of their work. Keep in mind that since paralegals perform such a wide variety of demanding tasks, they are generally allowed to accommodations to their shifting work hours or overtime expectations. As a result, paralegal students, who are also working, will be able to better meet their educational needs.

In conclusion

A paralegal degree is an excellent option for any student who wants to quickly become a professional while being able to complete their program online. In addition, paralegals can often enter the workforce early and enjoy flexible schedules. All these characteristics make it perfect for non-traditional students who are getting their academic start later in life.

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