Why Adult Students Should Consider a Healthcare Degree

Posted by on Wed, Aug 19, 2015

 Why Adult Students Should consider a Degree in Healthcare

Adult students are often looking for something different in a degree than younger students. Their lives are more established, and they are facing the responsibilities of marriage and children. Fortunately, the field of medicine has something to offer everyone. Here are some ways a healthcare degree can appeal specifically to the needs of adult students.

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Living Wages

The slump in the economy has adversely affected the adult population. Many adults lost the money they had in their retirement accounts, and they are looking for a way to recoup their savings. At the same time, outsourcing and other economic factors have made it difficult to find a job with a living wage. Many adults are working multiple jobs during the day just to be able to pay their bills.

There are many medical positions available which don’t just offer a living wage: they offer a source of income above living wage. They are a viable way for an adult to work to save up retirement income.

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A Steady Career

Job security is high on the list of desirable job traits today among adult Americans. Although a single job position may not be secure in itself, a career in the medical field is extremely secure. This is owing to the number of medical professionals needed in relation to the number of jobs in healthcare available.

The health field is an escalating field that shows no signs of receding in the next several years. On the contrary, recent medical advances are allowing people to live longer, meaning that the medical field will have to expand to adjust to the increase in life expectancy. This is good news for those who pursue a medical degree.

Dr. Gilbert Webb, who is a maternal-fetal specialist in St. Louis, is a good example of this sort of career stability. He is affiliated with several hospitals in the Missouri area, and has been in practice for over 28 years.

Less Schooling May Be Needed

One of the things frequently heard from adults when talking about changing their vocation is that they don’t have the time or money to get a bachelor’s, master’s, or graduate degree. Time constraints are a big factor because usually adults have a job and may also have children. They may be single parents who are trying to juggle many different things at once.

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The interesting thing about the field of medicine is that many job openings available only require an associate’s degree. Level of education in the medical field is not necessarily an indicator of the level of income that can be obtained.

For instance, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an associate’s degree in medical sonography can yield a position earning over $60,000 a year. A dental hygienist with an associate’s degree can earn over $70,000 a year.

Flexible Schooling Hours

Depending on the specialization chosen, some medical degrees can be obtained online. This is ideal for an adult student, who needs to have flexible hours that can be interspersed with family responsibilities. Because so many people are now obtaining their degrees online, these degrees are obtaining the respect they have long deserved among employers. Grant programs are also available to help with the cost of schooling, so obtaining a degree does not necessarily have to be an economic anchor.

Ability to Diversify

Many adults are stuck in jobs that are going nowhere and have no future. With little interest in their day-to-day jobs, they don’t believe it is possible to be able to reach for something more. They may even feel they are too old to be accepted at a new job.

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Jobs in the medical field offer the ability to diversify and move fluidly from one specialization to another. Having obtained a medical degree in one area of specialization, an adult can sometimes gain experience in one medical area that can be used to move into another.

If you are an adult who has been considering changing your job direction, you should consider obtaining a degree in the field of medicine. You’ll find many rewarding opportunities.

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