Why Online MBA Programs Are Perfect For Military Spouses

Posted by on Tue, Aug 4, 2015

          why online learning is perfect for military spouses

While it takes a lot of time, dedication, and focus for any graduate student to earn a Master of Business Administration degree, that academic goal may seem even harder (if not impossible) to achieve for a spouse of a current military service member who is often relocating throughout the world. The good news is – military spouse education benefits include the pursuit of advanced degrees – online. Online learning is a proven solution and effective alternative for graduate-level students who often have conflicting or challenging schedules with their professional, military, or personal life.

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Online MBA programs are perfect for military spouses for several reasons.

1. Wherever you travel, your virtual seat in your online classroom will always remain the same.

Though you may be moving, once again, to a new address within the continental United States or in a foreign country, your virtual desk in your graduate school will remain the same. In fact, unless you share with your MBA peers that you have physically relocated with your military spouse and family, they will never know it.  From wherever you are in the world, you will still be able to sign in to your class online, access updates or notes from the instructor, submit your assignments, and participate in the weekly online discussions. Unlike the traditional brick-and-mortar college that you have to physically drive to and where you have to personally attend, an online MBA program enables you to seamlessly continue working toward your academic goal no matter where your military spouse is stationed and no matter where you are physically in the world.

2. An MBA is one of the most highly-regarded and readily-applicable graduate degrees to obtain today.

Having credentials that include a rigorous, formal advanced degree shows that you have successfully completed a program of study that will enable you to make solid business decisions. So, as a military spouse with an MBA in your back pocket, you’ll be a step ahead of any and all the competition when you are ready to secure a new job, ask for a promotion, or launch that family business.

3. Like you, your classmates will be from all over the world.      

Only in an online MBA program will you have the unique opportunity to be in the same “classroom” setting with students who reside in different states or countries. As a military spouse, you undoubtedly are quite experienced at interacting and communicating with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and customs; in an online program, you will not only learn from those in your class, but also have the opportunity to inspire others by sharing your own philosophical, political, and personal perspectives and experiences during your online discussions and collaborative projects.

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4. You have control over your most important commodity throughout each day – your time.

Anyone who knows a military spouse (or is one) understands that your time, attention, and focus throughout any given day is different from that of a spouse of a civilian. While you share in planning, juggling, and managing all the intricacies involved in running a household, handling the finances, and taking care of the kids, you also have the unspoken responsibility of always being on top of the latest news regarding military involvement in the world and, in particular, where your loved one is deployed.  By pursuing your MBA online instead of having to drive to a local college, you are freeing yourself from the stress and burden of having to physically leave your family at home (perhaps before they’ve had dinner or you had time to help them with their homework) and drive (maybe in a blizzard or torrential rainstorm) to a class where the instructor and/or other students may or not be present on that particular day.  By going online to earn that advanced degree, you are empowering yourself to participate in the graduate program when you want (if that happens to be at 2 in the morning while you’re sporting your pajamas and everyone in your household is asleep, that’s fine.)

Embrace the benefits!

As a military spouse having already earned your formal undergraduate college degree, you are in the perfect position to go on with your education and earn your advanced degree, online.  The time is going to pass anyway; why not embrace the military spouse education benefits that are offered to you? By the time your loved one returns home, you can be halfway through your MBA program online. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to use it “officially” in the workforce or not, just going through the process of obtaining it will be an accomplishment no one can ever take away from you. Besides, it will be a wonderful distraction from all the hoping, praying, worrying, and wondering you’ve been known to do until your loved one returns home. eight more words to give you credit

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